Doral recognizes that it is an integral part of the community so endeavors to contribute to the "well being" of the people around it.

This occurs at many levels including the creation of jobs, support for local business and direct contributions to local community organizations including schools and sporting clubs.

Doral and its operations maintains a strategic policy of sourcing labour, goods and services locally where possible and ensuring the flow on economic benefits from its operations remain in the local community in which it operates. Doral has nearly 115 full time employees and uses a large number of local contractors and suppliers, from fabrication, construction, transport, freight and hire companies to computer and courier services.

Doral supports a number of local community initiatives, including sponsorship of schools, local community projects and the statewide Telethon Appeal for handicapped children.

Doral also sponsors local children and young adults in a program known as "Bridging the Gap" ( which aims to support self-development for those less fortunate than us. These include a project where young adults have travelled to third world countries to participate in several projects with indigenous people such as building small walkways, schools, vegetable gardens, and environmental projects.

Other events and organisations that Doral provides support and assistance include;

  • Local Schools
  • Restoration of the historic Dardanup Hall
  • Suburban Eaton Expo
  • Statewide Telethon Appeal
  • Sponsor of the annual Dardanup Bull & Barrel Festival
  • "Bridging the Gap" program