Product Quality

Testing of raw materials, intermediate, and finished products is carried out daily to meet Doral's strict chemical and physical specifications. This includes all samples being analysed by an independent N.A.T.A. approved Analytical Laboratory or in our own fully equipped Analytical Laboratories located in Rockingham.

As Australia's only producer of white fused alumina, and a significant producer of fused zirconia, 'in-house' training is necessary to equip staff with the necessary skills required to participate in the production of fused minerals. This includes the operation and maintenance of furnace and sizing operations to meet internal proficiency standards, as well as safety and external training to promote employee development.

Doral's Quality Management System ensures that all our products can be traced from raw materials through to customer deliveries, including each stage of manufacture. Regular feedback is encouraged from customers and is used to identify weaknesses and make systems more robust.

All quality complaints are independently rigorously reviewed by the Technical group with the findings reported to all senior managers.

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