Zircon Sand

Zircon is used in ceramics, specialty castings and various refractory applications, where its resistance to high temperature and abrasion make it extremely valuable in the manufacturing processes as well as ceramics such as glazes for tiles and sanitary wear. In industry, it is mainly used as a raw material in making refractory bricks, furnace linings and producing pigments in the ceramic industry; where its opacity and hardness gives a whiteness and durability to tiles, sanitary ware and tableware. It is also utilized in a range of other high-tech industrial and chemical applications.

Zircon is also available as a zircon flour which is milled by jet mill producing a narrow size distribution and contaminant free flour. Zircon flour has many uses and finds its way into the production of Frit and refractory and foundry applications. Our flour is used primarily in foundry coatings for the metal casting industry.