One of Doral's key objectives is to ensure the safety of its employees, contractors and visitors. We seek to achieve this by involving all levels of the organisation in the ongoing evolution of the safety system to make sure that the skills and tools are available to ensure an injury free workplace. One of the features of our safety system is the identification of potential hazards and risk assessment prior to the commencement of any new activity. This is a significant contributor to our "Safety First" awareness program.

Our obligation to safety, and the development of safety awareness, has reduced the number of work-related accidents considerably over the years. Our aim is to further reduce and maintain our serious injury frequency rate to ZERO. Doral has continued to reinforce existing Safety & Health initiatives, including behavioural safety programs such as our own self-developed Safety Observation system. All of these programs are designed to raise the level of overall safety awareness and performance across the company in an effort to reduce total injuries and incidents.

Doral has also developed a 'Fit for Work' program to provide all employees with the skills, knowledge and encouragement to actively improve their own well-being at work and at home by provision of other services including Shift Fitness Training, QUIT program, free influenza vaccinations and access to free counseling services.