Brad Snow - General Manager
(Doral Fused Materials Pty Ltd)

Brad has worked in the metallurgical processing industry for the past 25 years, primarily in alumina, mineral sands, and silicon where particular experience was gained in electric arc furnace operation. He holds a degree in metallurgy and an MBA. Brad joined Doral in Feb 2011.

Andrew Templeman - General Manager
(Doral Minerals Sands Pty Ltd)

General Manager of Doral Minerals Sands with responsibility for mineral sands. Andrew was previously the Engineering and Maintenance Superintendent for Doral Mineral Sands joining Doral in 2007. He holds a Bachelor in Engineering (Mechanical) and has worked in the engineering consultancy and mineral processing industry for over 20 years in a wide variety of operational, technical and management roles

Neil Raine - Chief Financial Officer

Neil is the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary with responsibility for financial management, corporate governance, planning and strategic development. He holds Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees from the University of Western Australia. He has worked in the chemicals and mining industries for over 20 years in a wide variety of roles. Most recently Neil was Director of Finance for Almatis in the USA before joining Doral in January 2007.